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Cryptographic currency is mostly a decentralized system. Therefore, the work of traders on speculative operations on the stock exchange does not require the opening of the company in any jurisdiction, optimizing the tax issues and the issues of controlling bodies.

After the selection of the principle of socialization of our own cryptographic currency with MLM networks, this scheme is not technically possible. Therefore, we have created a separate department for the MLM promotion, socialization, and opened a European company that is best variant for tax optimization and for cooperation with residents from all over the world.

Technologies of investments


РРР - Private Placement Program.

РРР - Private Placement Program. It is the strategic direction of our investments. It is used for the work with qualified investors.


Cryptocurrency speculation.

Cryptocurrency speculation makes it possible to earn up to 1000% a day due to the high volatility and the usage of technological instruments on the cryptocurrency stock exchanges.


The withdrawal of cryptocurrency on the market

The withdrawal of cryptocurrency on the market using modern tools of improvement of the capitalization and the value of the currency

Blockchain and Bitcoin - graphics of development

The project uses the Blockchain technology.

The Blockchain is the basis of all the cryptocurrencies. All the data is combined with the help of mathematical algorithms into blocks, and the latter form a chain. It has a high level of openness and reliability, it is impossible to forge or to remove it. Information on all transactions is stored not in one place but is scattered on thousands of computers. Blockchain is a technology of the future!

Our prospects

  • Work with the usage of smart contracts.

  • Start-up and capitalization of our own cryptocurrency.

  • Output on the stock exchange with its own cryptocurrency.

The company Phoenix Trade is a new milestone in the development of investment and technology at the same time.
We'll bring to your attention the release of our 1st crypto-coin in December. Updated conditions around the BONUS PROFITS will come in the first quarter of 2018.
In September 2017, the date of ICO and the declared products of Phoenix Trade will be announced:
Products of Phoenix Trade are as follows:
•    -TOKEN Phoenixbank coin
•    -Blockchain 3.0
•    -Crypto bank
The first meeting with the CEO of Phoenix Trade will be in December.
We are all waiting for a grand future together with a hyper holding which also includes Phoenix Trade! Disclosure of a massive holding company from the CEO in December.
Plans and stages of the company's development are made for the next five years.

Traders do not predict the growth of a certain currency: they raise it themselves

(this applies to the capitalization and hence to the prices) with the help of the set of different strategical instruments. Some of them you have to know, some of them you do not. You must know the creation of artificial excitement, the creation of favorable news, the use of day / night time line, depending on the activity of the country, where there is the greatest splash.

It is the market of cryptographic currencies. In this market, a great volatility will be ob-served. Our traders make use of this fact, raising a particular currency.

If I tell you that with these approaches there are no risks at all, you will hardly believe me, so I say succinctly that the risks are minimized.
Today, technology allows to increase its amount to $ 1 billion.
So, we go to the open market of private investors.

Stock exchanges of cryptocurrency


We offer cooperation


For traders!

For traders! You must send detailed information on your transactions over the last 12 months.


For entrepreneurs!

For entrepreneurs! We offer favorable conditions for cooperation for the professionals of the partnership business, webmasters, the professionals of direct sales and MLM industry. Instant withdrawal of bonuses.


For investors!

For investors! We offer you to participate in the development of the project and receive income from your investments. We accept Bitcoin and Debit cards (Visa and Master Card).

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